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Who we are?

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   The “Institute of Industrial Quality Management” is a not-for-profit educational institute, providing training in non-destructive testing technologies and Industrial Inspection. We IIQM team is well experienced and have been providing this service in India and Middle East. NDT is a growth industry with excellent potential for employment and a shortage of skilled workers. Our students emerge ready to enter the workforce with specialized technical knowledge and hands-on skill.

IIQM located at kulappully, shoranur in Kerala State, India. The main facilities include fully equipped Air conditioned classroom and laboratories for NDT training and scheduled training programs which are open.In addition the Institute offers an extensive in-plant training programs specifically designed to meet the clients' individual needs.

Mission Statement:

   IIQM promotes and participates in the development and application of non-destructive examination in India and internationally through educational courses, information programs, membership, and qualification activities.

Why choose IIQM?

It's vital for a training & certification centre to have the best of following:

  • Trainer
  •    We have in -house well-qualified & experienced trainers. The key personnel in the company have considerable numbers of years’ experience in many areas of Inspection which has facilitated the wide range of Inspection activities in India and Abroad such as Welding Inspection, Visual Inspection, Radiographic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing Ultrasonic Testing and Quality Management

  • Equipment
  •    We use the best equipment in the industry for training & certification.

  • Test Specimens
  •    We have invested in a bank of specimens with artificially introduced defects for our training & examination purposes. The specimens (Plates, Pipes) are of different thickness & different diameter in case of pipe and consists of defects like Lack of side wall fusion, Lack of penetration, Slag inclusion, Root crack, Center line crack, Cluster of porosity, Transverse cracks, And Toe crack etc.

  • Course Contents
  •    Our courses are based heavily on practical exercises, which when combined with the recording, reporting & answering of quizzes, results in the understanding of a specific syllabus segment. Up front lecturing is reduced to a minimum and the emphasis is on training to the precise, specific needs of the individual.

Training Program


   This course covers the principles of Radiographic Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Penetrant Testing and Magnetic Particle Testing and Prepares a candidate to Setup and calibrate equipment, Interpret and Evaluate Results with respect to Applicable Codes, Standards and Specifications. Familiar with the scope and limitations of the Methods Write Test Reports.

   This training involves an organized program developed to provide nondestructive personnel with the knowledge and practical skills necessary for qualification in NDT Methods.


   Training Material is presented in Modules that are followed by Quizzes

References: ASNT SNT-TC-1A (2011) & CP-189 (2011) ANSI/ASNT CP-105 IIQM Procedure –IIQM/WP-01, Rev00 ASME Sec. V

We Provide the best

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Meet the Team

NANDANAN P.T.Technical Professional

Mr. Nandanan is a well experienced technical professional in QA/QC and NDT for over 22 years. He is served in India and Abroad, including 18 years Overseas experience in reputed International companies like Saudi Aramco, SABIC etc. His service and expertise is in the field of QA/QC, NDT & Welding. He also extended his services to NDT personnel training and certification in India & Abroad.

He is a valid certified holder from the following international Institutions:

Certified NDT Level - III in PT, MT, RT, UT, VT, Methods from American Society for Non-destructive Testing

API-510 certified Inspector from American Petroleum Institute

Senior Certified Welding Inspector from American Welding Society

Qualified ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management system Auditor / Lead Auditor.


Mr. Saseedharan is a well known name in NDT, Welding Inspection and Quality Circle in the field of Inspection industry for over 35 years. He is served in India and Abroad and He worked in an international company placed at Abu Dhabi, UAE, for 19 years.

He is an ASNT Certified Level - II in RT, UT, PT & MT and well experienced in Radiographic Film Interpretation.

He is a qualified and Certified Welding Inspector from American Welding Society